How can clients update trading permissions via IB?

Client U-account add trading permission

If clients forgot the IB login name and password, please refer to Where can clients find IB usernames and passwords in TradingFront client portal?

1. Please log in to IB AM

2. To configure trading permissions, click Settings > Account Settings. The Trading Experience & Permissions panel displays your current trading permissions.



3. Click the Configure (gear) icon 



4. The Trading Permissions screen opens. In the Trading Programs section of the page, sign up for a trading program by selecting the box next to it



5. The Trading Permissions section of the page lists all of the products you can trade and the countries in which you can trade them. Currently approved products are shown with a check mark next to them.



6. Use the filter drop-downs at the top of the section to change the countries and products that are displayed

  • Select a specific country to display (for example, United States), or select All Regions to display all countries.
  • Select a specific product to display (for example, stocks), or select All Products to display all products.
  • Click Select All to request trading permissions for all products in all available countries.



7. To request specific products to trade in specific countries, click each country in each product section to place a check mark next to them. For example, the following image shows a request for stock trading permissions in the United States and several European countries. Click CONTINUE



8. The Configure Financial Information page opens.

  • Update your income and net worth by selecting the appropriate range of values from the drop-downs.
  • Update source of additional income by clicking YES and then completing all fields for the source of income. Click the + Add button to add more sources of income.
  • Select the box next to each applicable investment objective. Remember, different products require different investment objectives.
  • For each product you want to trade, select years of experience, number of trades per year and knowledge level from the drop-downs.

Modify the information on this screen as required and then click CONTINUE.mceclip4.png


9. Depending on the products that you have requested permission to trade, you are prompted to sign risk disclosures and/or agreements, as required by law. Read each disclosure and agreement and indicate your agreement by typing your name in the Signature field. Click CONTINUE after signing each disclosure or agreement.


10. Review your changes on the creen and then click CONTINUE.  Please note that trading permission upgrade requests received by 11:00 AM ET on a business day will be reviewed by the next business day under normal circumstances.


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