Fractional shares trading via TradingFront

In order to trade fractional shares via TradingFront, Advisors need to make sure both your F-account and your client accounts have fractional share permission. For advisors, please refer to the article Turn on fractional shares trading to turn on fractional trading. 

After the permission is set, you can trade in fractions in two places:

  1.  Basket Trader
  2.  Rebalance 

Basket Trader

Go to "Trading/Basket Trader." Choose the account and ticker. Input the quantity you would like to buy or sell. Please note the following limitations:

  1. "Quantity" (QTY) supports up to four decimals.
  2. Order type has to be either limited order (LMT) or market order (MKT).
  3. Only supports day trading of "Time in Force" (TIF).
  4. Cannot fill outside trading hours.
  5. You cannot trade fractional shares if the ticker itself does not support fractional trading.



Advisors can also upload a basket file. Our system will automatically check the fractional trading permission on your client accounts and tickers.

You will receive an error message if the file you uploaded does not meet the requirements.




If you want to trade in fractions on a rebalance order, please turn off the "allocation in round lots only" in the order creation page. You can refer to the video How-to-create-a-rebalance-order for more instructions of rebalance function.