How to configure complex tiered management fees?

Advisors can edit complex tiered management fees by login to Interactive Brokers Account Management. If you have not created any client fee template, please refer to Create/delete or apply client fee templates via IB.

To configure complex tiered management fees:

1) Go to Manage Clients /Fees/ Configure

  • If necessary, use the Smart Search field to find client accounts by Account ID, Account Alias or Account Title. Type in the Search field; as you type, the list is reduced to display only those accounts that match your entry.
  • If you have a large number of client accounts, you can sort the list by any column heading, including Account Number, Account Alias, Account Name, Date Opened and Template. Simply click the arrows next to a column heading to sort the list by that heading.

mceclip0.png2) Select one or more client accounts by clicking the checkbox next to each one, then click View/Configure Fees.

The page displays the fee schedule currently assigned to the selected client accounts, or displays a blank fee schedule if you have not yet assigned one to the selected accounts. Enter client fees in the fields provided



3) Checked the pencil icon for Blended in the Annualized Percentage of Net Liquidation field for complex tiered management fees. A window opens that lets you select and enter annualized fee percentages on up to five ranges of your client's Net Asset Value (NAV). The total blended rate is the sum of the fee amount for each range up to the client's current NAV.



4) After configuring the complex tiered management fees in IB, please email enclosed with your Fee Template Name and Template Details. TradingFront Development team will synchronize your management fee when your client opens a new account.