Performance reports and paper statements

In this article, we will discuss:

  1. Electronic performance reports (TradingFront portal)

  2. Paper statements (from IB/Marsco)


Electronic performance reports

Log in to the TradingFront advisor portal and go to "Report/Client Report."

You will see the various types of white-label reports we support. You can click "Generate PDF Report."



You can choose the data for a particular account with a certain reporting period. Download the report as a PDF to your computer and/or post the report to your client's portal.


When your client logs into the client portal, they will see the report under "Documents/Report."



Paper statement 

IB/Marsco sends out quarterly summaries for each quarter to the client's residential address. It is automatic so nothing needs to be set up. That is the only physical paper statement IB/Marsco sends out.