Complex & leveraged products (CLP)

Complex & leveraged products (CLP) is a new trading permission created by Interactive Brokers. It applies to Leveraged ETFs, VIX products, and other similar investment tools. 

  1.   *In order to qualify for CLPs, the advisor-master must have a minimum of two years trading experience with stocks AND either options or futures.  
  2.   *In order to qualify for CLPs, the investment objectives of the advisor must include trading profits and/or speculation. 

If your advisor-master account does not meet the above requirements, your clients will not be able to invest in complex and leveraged products.

*Note that UGMA and UTMA accounts are not eligible to trade this product type.  

If you need CLP for your clients, you will need to update the Investment Experience and Investment Objectives within IB Portal  > Settings  > Account Settings > Financial Information.  Login here.


Please let us know if you have decided to turn on CLP for your future clients. If yes, please double check your firm's trading experience and let know. We will have to configure your TradingFront white-label onboarding process accordingly.