How to create a model portfolio

Advisors can create customized model portfolios. We have separated the model portfolio into two components: Model and Portfolio. See What is the difference between a model and a portfolio? 

In this article, we will show you how to create a model and a portfolio. 

  1. Create a Model
  2. Create a Portfolio and link it to a Model
  3. Ways to invest clients' funds into a Model Portfolio

Create a Model

1) Go to "Portfolio/Model List" and click "+New Model"



2) Edit your new model and click "Create."

You can also consider copying from an existing model and modifying the information. For the target holdings in this model, you can manually add them or do a batch upload by using the template we provide.



After you have configured the model and added underlying assets, you can click "History Performance" and our system will run a backtest based on your model. Only adjusting frequency, underlying assets, and weights will affect the historical performance backtest.

You should consider the cash amount in the model you created accounting for monthly or quarterly management fee deduction, or cash withdrawal. For example, you may want to leave 10-25 bps in the model.


Create a Portfolio

1) Go to "Portfolio/Portfolio List" and click "+New Portfolios."



2) Enter all the required information on your new portfolio and click "Next." Keep in mind that the elements in the Portfolio Basic Info section will be shown to your clients in the onboarding process.



3) Select a model which you want to link to this portfolio, and click "Save."


Now you have successfully created a Model Portfolio! See these articles to invest your clients' funds into Model Portfolios:

  1. How to invest your client's funds into a model portfolio
  2. How to assign a client to a different model portfolio
  3. How to rebalance your clients' model portfolios