Turn on fractional shares trading

TradingFront's custodian supports fractional shares trading. To enable fractional share trading, please log into IB Account Management. The username and password is the combination you created during your RIA master account application. If you do not remember your username, please contact support@tradingfront.com.

  1. Steps to turn on
  2. Products available
  3. Fractional shares trading via TradingFront
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  5. Trade in Fractions via IB TWS

TradingFront supports fractional shares trading. You have to contact  support@tradingfront.com before you can trade in fractions via TradingFront. We need to configure your TradingFront portal.


Steps to turn on

1) Log in to Account Management.  Click "Account Settings" and click on the Configure (gear) icon next to "Trade in Fractions."



2) Subscribe and continue



What products can I trade in fractional shares?

U.S. stocks listed on NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ARCA, or BATS, as well as OTC Pink U.S. penny stocks with average daily volume above $10 million and market cap above $400 million are available for fractional share trading. Non-U.S. stocks are not available for fractional share trading at this time.

A list of stocks that can be traded in fractional shares is available via the following link. Please note, this list is subject to change without notice.


Fractional shares trading via TradingFront

How to trade in fractions via TradingFront: Fractional shares trading via TradingFront


Other FAQs 

Please visit IB's FAQs.

For more information, see this article from IB.


Trade fractional shares via IB TWS

You can also use IB's TWS (Desktop TWS requires version 979 or higher) to trade in fractional shares. Download TWS here.