White-label dashboard domain

Please make sure to talk to your account representative and make sure you've subscribed to this add-on service. 
For advisors who choose the white-label dashboard domain, TradingFront needs access to your Domain DNS Management module and configure your TradingFront portal to a white-label URL. For example, white-label URL: portal.ABC-investing.com V.S. non-white-label URL: portal.tradingfront.com/ABC-investing.
Please contact your Domain Service Provider. For example GoDaddy, Google Domains, Wix.com, etc. Inquire as to how to add our IT contact to be one of your account users/site owners so that we can configure it for you. After we have successfully configured your DNS, you can delete us from your domain users.
For example,
3. At Wix.com, add liwt@tradingfront.com to the site owner since Wix only allows site owners to access the domain management page, follow this, https://support.wix.com/en/article/inviting-people-to-contribute-to-your-site.
Name: TradingFront IT
Access Level: Products & Domains (if this option is not available, please add as an Administrator)
If you use other domain service providers, please contact them to see how enable access to TradingFront's IT team.