How to pre-set the account type and capability (cash or margin) during onboarding

In a white-label client onboarding process, if a questionnaire is used, that questionnaire will lead to a portfolio recommendation. We also call this a "questionnaire-portfolio-linked" process.

After your prospect chooses the recommended portfolio, beyond the user registration page, in the first step of the brokerage account application, he/she will be prompted to choose the Account Type and Account Capability.


The options available in the drop-downs of Account Type and Account Capability are determined by that portfolio's setting in your advisor portal.


Account Type and Account Capability setting in a portfolio

1) Go to the "Portfolio" tab and click "View" in one of the portfolios. 

2) Then click "Edit." 



3) In the "Account Capability Supported," you can configure whether that portfolio can support cash, margin, or both. In the "Customer Types Supported," you can choose Individual, RIA, joint, or both.


The options you choose here will be the options your prospects will see and be able to choose from in a questionnaire-portfolio-linked brokerage account application.

For example, if you only want your prospects to choose to open an individual account with cash capability when they choose the Portfolio A, you should only choose individual and cash in Portfolio A's settings.


  1. For any onboarding process without a questionnaire, your prospects can see all the options for Account Type and Account Capability.

  2. When your clients want to open more brokerage accounts in their client portal, they can see all the options for Account Type and Account Capability.