How to customize asset class for different tickers

If you do not like the asset class of a ticker, you can customize it. When you change the asset class of that ticker, it will affect the pie chart display (both internally in a portfolio view as well as a model view and externally when displayed to a prospect in the onboarding process).

For example, you built a 50/50 domestic model (50% of IVV "iShares Core S&P 500 ETF" and 50% of IEF "iShare 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF"). Although they are different kinds of investments, the pie chart of target allocation shows 100% ETF because they are all considered as "ETFs."

In order to categorize them correctly, you can change their asset classes in "Setting/Customize Asset Class."



Go to "Setting/Customize Asset Class".



Click "+ Add New " button on the upper left corner to create a new asset class.



Enter the name of that new “Asset Class” (for example, Equity ETFs) and click "Save."



Then the new asset class "Equity ETFs" is created. Next, assign tickers to that asset class. For example, you can click "+ Add New" on the right-hand side to add IVV "iShares Core S&P 500 ETF." You can do the same for IEF by creating a new asset class "Bond ETFs."



Once you have created those two new asset classes, there should be two records: Bond ETFs and Equity ETFs.



When you go back to "Portfolio/Model list" and view your 50/50 domestic model, you will see the pie chart is changed. This will also change the pie chart when a portfolio is displayed to a prospect.