How to rebalance your clients' model portfolios

You can perform a client account-level rebalance, or a batch rebalance.


Account-specific rebalance

Select the client's account under "Clients/Accounts" and click "View." On the next page, click the "Rebalance" button on the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can rebalance this account into a portfolio that is linked to this account. You can also change this account's portfolio on this page. 


 Batch Rebalance at the Rebalance Center

Go to "Trading/Rebalance" and you will see various system flagged statuses:

  1. Out of Tolerance
  2. Inside of Tolerance
  3. Unable to Check
  4. Need Extra Attention
  5. New Deposit
  6. New Withdrawal
  7. Liquidation
  8. No Portfolio Assigned

Identify Task

Take "Out of Tolerance" as an example:



It filters out all portfolios that are out of tolerance. You can click “Rebalance“ for a particular portfolio (e.g. 60/40 Domestic with Tech Tilt).



You can view all the accounts associated with this portfolio. If everything looks good, click “Create.” By clicking "Create" at this step, no actual orders will be created.




Create a rebalance order

Our system will run a pre-trade analysis automatically and you will be able to see the drift analysis at the account level and ticker level. When you feel comfortable, click "Create Order."



After you clicked the "Create Order" from the last step, we provided a buy/sell breakdown at both the account and ticker level. All the shares will be automatically calculated based on the target weights by using real-time pricing. Trades will be grouped by ticker.



You can adjust shares, decide which accounts to be traded, or whether to execute these trades outside regular trading hours. You can also leverage different trading algorithms we provide, such as TWAP and VWAP. Real-time pricing is free.



 Click “Transmit All” to submit the trades.


Preview your order and click “Confirm.” You will see the “Finish” sign when the process is complete.