Marsco Friends & Family Advisor Account

Our Friends and Family Advisor solutions let you manage, trade and report on multiple accounts from a single master account and serves as the first step for advisors starting or growing their business.

Only advisors who are exempt from registration are eligible to open a Friends & Family Account (FFA). Generally, most jurisdictions require that an advisor have 15 or fewer clients in order to qualify for exemption from registration.

Please click "Financial Advisory Account Application" to start the master account application and make sure to choose "Financial Advisor." 

In the above process, after you have created a user name, when you get to the page below, please make sure to select "This application is for an advisor that is NOT licensed or registered with any regulatory agency" if you have not registered with the SEC or a state.


After you have registered with the SEC or a state, please let us know and we will instruct you to upgrade your master account.

Please keep in mind that if you plan to start with FFA (no white-label onboarding) and later upgrade to FA (financial advisor account, full capability of TradingFront), you have to use a business entity to start with FFA. This business entity has to be exactly the same entity you intend to register as an RIA.