What you should do within 90 days of the master account’s approval

Per IB’s policy, IB disables your data feed to us if you do not have any funded sub-accounts within 90 days of your master account’s approval.

If there are no open/funded accounts within 90 days of your master account's approval, the custodian IB may put your master account into a dormant status. 

Here are three little steps you should do

1) For starters, we highly recommend you open a sub-account for yourself so that you can solve the potential data feed issue and be familiar with the client onboarding process before you roll out the service to your potential clients.

Please refer to "How to add and invite clients." If you plan to invite yourself, please make sure to use an email address different from the one you used for the advisor dashboard login.  

Funding is readily available in your client portal under "Manage Transfer/Deposit."

2) If you would like to transfer existing sub-accounts from IB to TradingFront, please refer to ”Link existing IB advisor managed sub-accounts to TradingFront“ and initiate the transfer under "Clients/Transfer Account" in your advisor dashboard.

3) If you have not funded your RIA master account, here is how.