Link IB U-accounts (currently not under any advisor) to your TradingFront Advisor Account

For an IB account that is currently not under any advisor, your client needs to log in to IB via and submit a linkage request within the Client Portal electronically.

Please advise your client to follow these steps:

  • Under “Settings/Account Settings/Create, Move, Link or Partition an Account,” please select the option “Move My Entire Account to an Account Managed by an Advisor/Broker.” 


The client will be prompted to enter the advisor's account number and account title.

  • Advisor ID: Your destination F-account number
  • Advisor Title: The firm title associated with the F-account

You as the advisor will need to log into IB Account Management ( and accept the linkage request.  

Please note all linkage requests accepted by the advisor prior to Friday at 3 pm ET will be processed that weekend. Linkage requests accepted after will be processed the following week.

Reminder: Move My Entire Account to an Account Managed by an Advisor/Broker

  • Transfer all of my cash and positions to the Advisor/Broker-managed account. If I move my entire account to an Advisor, I will no longer be able to log into Trader Workstation, and my current market data subscriptions will be canceled. If I move my entire account to a Broker, I will retain my ability to log into Trader Workstation, and my current market data subscriptions will not be canceled. Once my account has been linked, fees may be debited from my account as specified by the Advisor or Broker and my current GTC orders will not be canceled. Accounts are moved every Friday at 2:00 pm ET.