What is the difference between a model and a portfolio?

We have separated the model portfolio into two components: Model and Portfolio.



A model is a strategy and a combination of underlying assets, such as ETFs, stocks, or both. Whether it is a tactical asset allocation model or a proprietary model, you may create and manage them in our Model List.

If a model is currently associated with a portfolio, when you change the holdings of the model, our system will ask whether you want to rebalance the portfolio(s) associated with that model or not. The weight of each holding in the model will not fluctuate. They represent the target model weights. 




A portfolio is a combination of actual sub-accounts (actual client accounts). When you create a portfolio, you need to link this portfolio to an existing model. You can invest your client accounts into a portfolio.

Treat it as a composite where your clients will be invested in. A portfolio needs to be linked with a model before you can invest your clients into that portfolio. Any future clients invested in that portfolio will be based on the weights of the model associated with that portfolio.