How to invite and onboard new advisory clients via TradingFront

TradingFront provides three ways to digitally onboard your clients:

  1. Via an email invitation (single or batch invitations)
  2. Copy questionnaire links directly (multiple public onboarding channels)
  3. Use the no questionnaire public onboarding link


Via an Email Invitation

1) Under the "CRM" tab in your advisor portal, click "Invite Clients."



2)Choose to invite clients to open a new brokerage account.

If you use "Invite New," our system will create a new contract in the CRM for you once your prospect has registered.

If you use "Invite From Contacts," you will be able to select an existing contact from the CRM. If the contact's information is pre-populated in the CRM, that information will be available in the brokerage application for your contact to review and edit.



3) If you use "Invite New," you will be able to choose from the two options below:



 4) You can specify the management fee schedule and choose one of your questionnaires.





5) Click Send Invite! An email invitation will be sent to your prospects. 

6) If you choose "Invite From Contacts," you can choose either single existing contact or multiple existing contacts.



Copy questionnaire links directly

After setting up the questionnaires successfully, click the “Copy Link” button in a questionnaire box, which copies the questionnaire's link. You can paste the link into your browser to see how it works.


This link is the dedicated URL for that specific questionnaire. You can use these links on your website, or any other public places where you see fit, to set up different onboarding processes with different questionnaires. Any prospects click on that link, can go through that questionnaire, and onboard themselves with a recommended portfolio.

Each of the questionnaires can serve as an onboarding channel regardless of whether they are default or not.


Use the no questionnaire public onboarding link

A no questionnaire link can be used on your website or any other public places where you see fit. Click "Setting/Firm Info/URL Management."

Your prospects can click on the link without a questionnaire to open a managed account with your default management fee schedule. 

For testing the link, please paste the links into a different internet browser.