Link an F-account to TradingFront without opening a new F-account

If you have an F-account with Interactive Brokers, you can link that F-account to our affiliated broker-dealer without applying for a new F-account. The sub-accounts under your F-accounts will be linked to us along with your F-account. Your clients' account numbers will not change, their historical data stays the same, and IB is still the executing broker/custodian.

The linkage does not change your existing workflows and you will have access to both IB's system as well as TradingFront's system. The linkage does not change your advisory relationship: your clients will still be your clients.


****** IMPORTANT NOTE ******

The F-account linkage request must be submitted directly in your IB Account Management. Keep in mind that all of your sub-accounts must log in to IB Account Management and affirm the linkage. IB will only process the F-account linkage when all your sub-accounts have confirmed. IB will not process the linkage on an account-by-account basis.


This linkage works best for an advisor who has a few sub-accounts or clients log in to IB Account Management often.

Steps for you as the RIA

1. Log in to IB Account Management with your advisor login credentials. Click Settings/Account Settings/Create, Move, Link or Partition an Account.



2. Then enter the destination broker information.


Advisor/Broker Account ID: I3416803
*Account ID's first letter is a capital letter "I", not the number one. Case sensitive, no space in the beginning and in the end.

Please submit the linkage request at your convenience but before close of business on Wednesday. IB will process the request every week. If accepted by all of your clients by COB Wednesday, this linkage will happen on Friday after 3 pm in the same week.

Original instruction from IB.


Track your clients' linkage status

Once you've submitted the linkage request, you will be able to track the progress of your clients and see which one of them has not affirmed. Please Log in to IB Account Management and go to  "Classic AM > Manage Clients > Dashboard > Pending Items. You will see the list of accounts that need to log in to IB and affirm the linkage.


Steps for RIA sub-accounts

After you, as the RIA, have submitted the linkage request, please advise your sub-accounts to log in to IB Account Management. There will be a three-tier linkage agreement that pops out and the client must electronically sign and submit the agreement.