Link your existing Interactive Brokers managed sub-accounts to your new master account with TradingFront

If you have accounts custodied with Interactive Brokers, you can link those accounts to your new master account with TradingFront. Linking the accounts does not change the advisor relationship. It simply means moving the U-account from your old F-account to your new F-account. Your clients' account numbers will not change, their historical data stays the same, and IB is still the executing broker/custodian.

Steps to link your client account to your new master account

1)  Please log in to your advisor portal, go to "Clients/Transfer Account/Candidates," choose the account you would like to be linked, and click "Send Request to Client." 


2) Your clients will receive an email instruction. They can click the button in the email and log in to their client portal.



3) When they have logged in to the client portal they will see a pending task and they have to click "To Approve."



4) On the next page, they will have to download and wet-sign a pre-populated form provided by IB. Then they need to upload the form and ID. Please advise them to follow the signature requirement.



IB processes this request every Friday and the cut-off time is close of business on Wednesday. If you initiate the transfer and your client finishes the steps by COB Wednesday, IB will process the change by the nearest Friday. Otherwise, the request will be deferred to the next Friday.