Getting started with TradingFront

This guide walks you through the basic steps to get started and contains various resources to help you take advantage of all of the great features available on the platform. If the setup of your advisor dashboard hasn't been completed, you will not be able to onboard any clients.


Advisor Setup

1. Security

Log in to your advisor portal through your dedicated link we provided you. If you cannot find the link, please reach out to us at

  1. First things first, go to "Settings/Login Password" and change your login password.
  2. You should also set the trading password in "Settings/Trading Password"
  3. Turn on 2-step verification in "Settings/2-Step Verification." Here are the steps.

2. Logo and Landing Picture

In most cases, we have uploaded your firm logo for you. Please review or upload a new one at "Settings/Firm Info."

3. Upload Regulatory Documents

In order for your clients to experience a paperless onboarding process, you have to upload your Investment Management Agreement, ADVs, CRS and/or Privacy Policy. You can go to "Compliance/Account Opening Documents" and you will see the places to upload your documents. These documents will be shown to your prospects before they submit their brokerage account applications.

4. Fees and billing

You have the ability to set a default management fee for your firm and then make adjustments to this fee for each prospect when you send them account application invitations.

Go to "Settings/Management Fee." We provide automatic management fee deduction. To learn more, visit these articles. The automatic management fee billing is only available for your accounts custodied at Interactive Brokers introduced by our affiliated broker-dealer.

5. Fund your RIA Master Account

If your RIA master account has not been funded yet, please refer to the "Guideline to fund your Master Account."


Questionnaire and Model Portfolio

At TradingFront, you can design your own client onboarding questionnaire and customize model portfolios. When we delivered the portal to you, we provided sample questionnaires and model portfolios. You can make changes to them and/or add new ones.

1. Questionnaire

Go to "Questionnaire" and view/edit each questionnaire. For every questionnaire you created, you can copy that questionnaire's link for client onboarding. See How to Create Questionnaires for Multiple Onboarding Channels

2. Model Portfolio

Go to "Portfolio" and you will see "Portfolio List" and "Model List."

Please go to "Portfolio/Model List." First, see the models we pre-populated for you. You can click view and edit each portfolio.

After you have reviewed and edited models, please go to "Portfolio/Portfolio List" review existing portfolios and/or create new portfolios.

To learn about Model Portfolios, please visit these articles.


Client Setup, Invitation, and Onboarding

1. New Clients

TradingFront provides three ways to digitally onboard your clients:

  1. Via an email invitation (single or batch invitations)
  2. Copy questionnaire links directly (multiple public onboarding channels)
  3. Use the no questionnaire public onboarding link

For detailed steps, please see How to Invite and Onboard New Advisory Clients via TradingFront


You can electronically initiate ACATS for your client accounts. Please visit this article for ACATS.

3. Existing Clients via Custodian Data Integration

If your existing clients' information is added to your portal by third-party data integration, those users will be displayed under the "Clients" tab and you can invite them to log in to your TradingFront portal in "Clients/Client Setup." Please via "Client Access Setup" for more information.

4. Household Mapping

We can help you create household mappings. Those accounts with the same email addresses are already under the same login. Please go to "Clients/Accounts/Download CSV," map the accounts with corresponding emails, and send it back to


Rebalancing and Trading

There are four ways to invest your client's fund into a portfolio.

  1. Client account level rebalance
  2. Rebalance management
  3. Basket trader
  4. Portfolio drift management

Please visit this article to learn more.


For your investment advisor agreement and ADVs, you likely have to add descriptions of TradingFront and TradingFront's affiliated broker-dealer. Please have your compliance officer review the materials we provided.

To see our security information, please visit this security page.


Mobile App for Your Clients

Download the TradingFront mobile app in the Apple/Google store
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Help Center

We have a great FAQ section with more information and basic questions linked here:


You’ve completed the setup and are ready to go!