2-step verification and TradingFront Authenticator

Your security is our priority. 2-step verification is required before you can use ACH to make a transfer.

1. What is TradingFront Authenticator?

TradingFront Authenticator is the security app we utilize to protect your security. By enabling 2-step verification, you need to enter the dynamic code generated by your phone together with the trade password, when you place an order, which means the order page can only be accessed when both password and code are verified. You can choose whether to enable 2-step verification based on your personal preference. To ensure security, we recommend enabling 2-step verification for all users.

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2. How do I enable 2-step verification?

After you have installed the app, you can enable 2-step verification:

Step 1: Please log in to your advisor dashboard or client portal. Go to "Settings/2-Step Verification."

Step 2: Choose "Edit," then click "Activate 2-step Verification" to begin the process.


Step 3: You will be prompted to download TradingFront Authenticator. Search "TradingFront Authenticator" in App stores. You can click "Next" if the app has already been installed on your phone.

Step 4: Enter your login password as prompted.

Step 5: After the password is verified, open your TradingFront Authenticator and choose "Scan the QR code."

Step 6: Align your camera with the QR code on the webpage. If you are linking your account for the first time, you also need to draw an unlock password.

Step 7: You will see the successful verification on your phone. It is highly recommended that you set an alias for your account.

Step 8: Remember the dynamic code displayed on your phone (make sure it is within the validity period).

Step 9: Enter the six-digit dynamic code from your phone on the web page.


Step 10: 2-step verification has been successfully enabled.